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ATF is attempting to reclassify large caliber ammunition again. If you received a letter like this or have had inventory seized, please drop us a note by clicking here.

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Hearing Protection Act The NFATCA, along with the NRA and the American Suppressor Association, applauds Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) for introducing the Hearing Protection Act of 2015 in the US House of Representatives. It is imperative that this nation embraces the safety of suppressor use and acknowledges that they are practical devices that should not be subject to overly strict regulation and onerous taxation.

ATF Reaches Out to Industry The ATF has been making good on its promise to embrace a collaborative approach to working with the firearms industry. Learn more in this recently published ATF article.

Limited Edition PDW LWRC will be producing an ultra-compact PDW rifle for NFATCA. The limited edition offering features a custom, two-tone Cerakote finish (titanium and tungsten) and will be a factory SBR with an 8.5" barrel and will be engraved with the NFATCA logo and edition number. This PDW has been performance tuned and is only available in 5.56 caliber. Interested parties should send an email to inquire! Ready to buy now... click here.

41P Status The NFATCA, American Suppressor Association and the NRA continue to work toward rolling back White House efforts to hamstring lawful firearms ownership. As reported recently by ASA, there is a promising amendment attached to HR 2578, the House funding bill for Commerce, Justice & Science. John Carter's (R-TX) H. Amdt 320 would prohibit the use of funds to propose or issue the ruling of 41P. The amendment was agreed to in a voice vote of the House. The NFATCA, ASA and NRA continue to gather support in both houses of Congress for what will certainly be a raucous fight over this and the rest of the proposed executive actions of the White House. More 41P background:

The White House push to hamstring the use of non-natural persons such as trusts and corporations to lawfully acquire and possses NFA weapons has been delayed yet again. This time, the DOJ estimates a "final" decision around December, 2015. There is no real way to determine what a final decision could look like. The Obama administration sought to completely reverse the progress of NFATCA efforts to eliminate the CLEO signature requirement and add even more restrictions that would serve no public safety interest. The comments officially submitted in response to this effort were nearly universally opposed to what our President and his Department of Justice leaders wanted, including the NFATCA opposition statement. 9000+ statements are now being reviewed.

The response was so overwhelming that the White House conveniently pushed back a "final decision" until after the mid-term elections. An estimated delivery was pinned to January of 2015. The results came in and that estimate was revised to no earlier than May of 2015 and is now December.

The NFATCA is a 501(c)(6) organization incorporated to get things done. We work with the BATF on a daily basis to insure that the things that matter to you are addressed. We do not flood your mailbox with junk, we do not jump at every hiccup. We take our time to methodically insure that your interests are fairly and properly represented.

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Fraud Alert!

Please be aware that there is currently a surprising rise in the use of fraudulent FFL and SOT documentation. You should ALWAYS use ATF's FFL EZ Check utility to validate presented FFL's. Also, contact NFA Branch immediately if you believe that you are being presented with suspicious documents or forms for NFA transfers and purchases.

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