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John K. Brown, III - NRA Board of Directors Nominee

John Brown has been selected by the NRA's nominating committee as a candidate for the Board of Directors in 2015. All members of the NRA with Life Member or higher status are eligible to vote in the upcoming election. John has tirelessly supported the NFA community in his unpaid role as NFATCA President and deserves your vote.

The Changing NRA The NRA has evolved over the past few decades. Rather than being the often mislabeled "sportsmen" group leader, the NRA is fighting for all gun rights. John has been instrumental in providing insight and informing the NRA through the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action on all matters related to NFA ownership and use. He has been a leader in collaborative efforts that now see the NRA actively participating in the expansion of NFA opportunities at the federal and state levels. He will continue to advocate that NFA retains a primary focus position within the NRA and deliver results for all members.

About John John K. Brown, III is a lifetime firearms enthusiast.  He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of NorthPoint Response Group, an enterprise devoted to the global training and logistics needs of first responders and that provides specialized consulting services in the complex world of compliance and best practices for heavily regulated organizations. In this role, he currently serves as a Senior Advisor to no less than a dozen corporations in the navigation of firearms regulatory concerns.  John has also held a federal firearms license and special occupational taxpayer status for 30+ years through his Battlefield Sports LTD company.   In addition, John has served for eleven years as the unpaid President of the National Firearms Act Trade and Collectors Association, an organization he helped found. He has been responsible for developing relationships at the highest levels of ATF and other departments and agencies to bridge the gap between industry and its regulators. John has been responsible for hosting and speaking at no less than three dozen senior meetings with ATF to assist the industry in interpreting and following regulatory issues.

John's business and association efforts require him to work closely with various government bureaus and agencies.  John has always taken a two-pronged approach to the charged world of legislative and regulatory challenges: work tirelessly to change or eliminate needless restriction and find better ways to work within the law until those restrictions are lifted. He continues to open and develop relationships with federal and state regulators and his efforts have been recognized as crucial by many both within government and the general firearms community. John's publications regularly appear online and in print in such periodicals as Small Arms Review and include the creation of the original, plain-English NFA Handbook, now adopted as an official BATF publication.

John is a passionate firearms collector and is determined to make certain that future generations will enjoy even more opportunities than he enjoys today.


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